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<title>Utah Network Testbed - Testbed Specific ns Commands</title>
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<h1>Utah Network Testbed - Testbed Specific ns Commands</h1>
<p>This document describes embeddable commands, used
to specify testbed-specific parameters inside ns files.</p>
<p>All testbed 'TB' commands are in the following form:</p>
<p><code>#TB <i>command</i> <i>arg1 arg2 .. argn</i></code</p>
<p>The <code>#TB</code> prefix is ignored as a comment
by traditional ns interpreters, so one ns file can be used for
both simulators and the testbed. </p>
<a name="set-ip"></a>
<p><code>#TB set-ip <i>node</i> <i>ip</i></code></p>
<p>Indicates that <i>node</i> should have the IP address <i>ip</i>.</p>
<p><code>#TB set-ip node1</code></p>
<a name="set-ip-interface"></a>
<p><code>#TB set-ip-interface <i>node</i> <i>dest</i> <i>ip</i></code></p>
<p>This command is used to set the IP address of an interface
on a node with multiple links. The interface on <i>node</i> which
connects to <i>dest</i> is given the ip address <i>ip</i>. </p>
<p><code>#TB set-ip-interface node2 node3</code></p>
<p>This command will not work for two nodes with multiple connections
between them.</p>
<a name="set-hardware"></a>
<p><code>#TB set-hardware <i>node</i> <i>type</i> [<i>args</i>]</code></p>
<p>This command sets hardware specifications. Currently, the only <i>type</i>
supported is <code>shark-shelf</code>, which indicates that <i>node</i> should
be a shelf (switched LAN) of 8 sharks (aka dnards).
<i>Node</i> may include wildcards '*' or '?'.</p>
<p><code>#TB set-hardware node8 shark-shelf</code></p>
<a name="set-node-os"></a>
<p><code>#TB set-node-os <i>node</i> <i>os</i></code></p>
<p>Sets the operating system of one or more nodes; may be a standard OS
(<code>FBSD40-STD</code> or <code>RHL62-STD</code>) or an OS created using
<a href="#create-os"><code>create-os</code></a>. <i>Node</i> may include wildcards '*' or '?'.</p>
<p><code>#TB set-node-os node6 FBSD40-STD</code></p>
<p><code>#TB set-node-os node3? MY-CUSTOM-OS</code></p>
<p>Nodes which are in use as delay nodes should only use <code>FBSD40-STD</code>.</p>
<a name="set-node-deltas"></a>
<p><code>#TB set-node-deltas <i>node</i> <i>deltas</i></code></p>
<p>Used to apply user "deltas" to a node's installation. These deltas may install
packages or otherwise modify an existing, standard <code>FBSD40-STD</code> or <code>RHL62-STD</code>
installation. <i>Node</i> may include wildcards '*' or '?'.</p>
<p><code>#TB set-node-deltas node1 XXX</code></p>
<a name="create-os"></a>
<p><code>#TB create-os <i>label</i> <i>imagepath</i> <i>partition</i></code></p>
<p>Creates a custom OS called <i>label</i>, for use in <a href="#set-node-os"><code>set-node-os</code></a>
commands. XXX <i>imagepath</i> is a path to the image on <code></code> in your user
subdirectory. XXX something about <i>partition</i></p>
<p><code>#TB create-os MY-CUSTOM-OS XXX/XXX XXX</code></p>
<a name="set-dnard-ip"></a>
<p><code>#TB set-dnard-ip <i>shelf</i> <i>number</i> <i>ip</i></code></p>
<p>XXX Four score and twenty years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this
continent a new nation, conceived in <i>liberty</i>, and dedicated to
the proposition that all men are created equal.</p>
<p><code>#TB set-dnard-ip XXX 3</code></p>
<a name="set-dnard-os"></a>
<p><code>#TB set-dnard-os <i>shelf</i> <i>number</i> <i>os</i></code></p>
<p>XXX Four score and twenty years ago, our fathers brought forth upon this
continent a new nation, conceived in <i>liberty</i>, and dedicated to
the proposition that all men are created equal.</p>
<p><code>#TB set-dnard-os XXX 2 XXX</code></p>
<a name="set-link-loss"></a>
<p><code>#TB set-link-loss <i>source</i> <i>dest</i> <i>rate</i></code></p>
<p>XXX Sets the loss rate of a link. <i>Rate</i> is between 0.0 and 1.0.</p>
<p><code>#TB set-link-loss node1 node12 0.1</code></p>
<a name="set-lan-loss"></a>
<p><code>#TB set-lan-loss <i>source</i> <i>dest</i> <i>rate</i></code></p>
<p>XXX Sets the loss rate of a lan. <i>Rate</i> is between 0.0 and 1.0.</p>
<p><code>#TB set-lan-loss XXX 0.7</code></p>
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differently than you expect, or may not be implemented.
If you feel there is useful functionality missing, please let us know.
Also, some
<a href="tbcommands.html">testbed-specific commands</a>
<a href="nscommands.html">testbed-specific commands</a>
have been added. These begin with "#TB";
they will be ignored as comments by ns utilities outside of the testbed.
In short, most NS files should work on both the Testbed and ns-2, most
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