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......@@ -92,6 +92,17 @@ called "swapping in" and "swapping out" respectively. See also
the <A href="docwrapper.php3?docname=faq.html#UTT-Swapping">
What is Swapping?</a> question on our FAQ.
When you create your experiment, you can mark your experiment as
swappable or unswappable. When marking it unswappable, you must
specify the reason, which will be reviewed by Testbed Ops. If it is
judged unacceptable or insufficient, your experiment will be marked
swappable. If an experiment is unswappable, our system will not
automatically swap it out, and testbed administrators will attempt to
contact you in the event a swapout becomes necessary. You can edit the
swap settings (unswappable, idle-swap, auto-swap, and corresponding
reasons and timeouts) on the experiment page for your experiment.
<a name="idleswap"></a>
<h3>What is an "Idle-Swap"?</h3>
......@@ -104,6 +115,20 @@ idle for several hours. We try to contact the experiment creator
before swapping, unless they've already given us permission to
swap the experiment when idle.
There are two ways that your experiment may be idle-swapped. The most
common is the automatic Idle-Swap. This happens when your experiment
is marked swappable and Idle-Swap is enabled for your experiment. When
your experiment has been idle for several hours, and reaches the
Idle-Swap time that was set at creation/swapin time, it is
automatically idle-swapped by the Emulab software. The other way to
get idle-swapped is through a manual idleswap by an Emulab
administrator. This typically happens only after several hours of
idleness, and may happen whether or not your experiment is marked
swappable or idle-swappable. We will usually make every effort to
contact you, since it may cause you to lose data stored on the nodes.
<a name="autoswap"></a>
<h3>What is an "Auto-Swap"?</h3>
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