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Instructions for updating the node disk image.
A. Linux:
0. Update /etc/rc.d/testbed/supfile from the source (tmcd/linux)
0. Update /etc/testbed/supfile from the source (tmcd/linux)
directory. With each new image, the sup release needs to be bumped
and the checkouts file removed. See below for a more detailed
explaination of this.
......@@ -22,7 +24,7 @@ A. Linux:
5. Run the testbed prepare script:
cd /etc/rc.d/testbed
cd /usr/local/etc/testbed
6. Reboot to BSD to finish. I have tried dd'ing off the linux partition
......@@ -57,47 +59,22 @@ B. FreeBSD:
5. Run the testbed prepare script:
cd /etc/testbed
cd /usr/local/etc/testbed
C. Cutting the image:
1. Boot up FreeBSD in single-user (you may already be there.
2. Fire up the control net:
ifconfig fxp4 inet netmask 0xfffffc00
route add -net 155.101.132 -interface fxp4
route add default
3. DD a disk image over to plastic. Do this however you want but I prefer
good ole rsh. I temporarily stick the machine in question into
plastic:/root/.rhosts and then (from the testbed machine):
dd if=/dev/rad0 bs=64k count=100156 | \
rsh "dd of=/q/testbed/images/Full/wd0 obs=64k"
which is about 6.5GB. The count is simply the smallest amount necessary
to capture the partitions in question. If you don't trust me, run
"fdisk ad0" and look at the start value for the last partition (which
we don't use currently). This is the first 512-byte sector beyond BSD,
Linux and the Linux swap partition. Then do the math. I use 64k
blocksize cuz I'm an old fart. DON'T FORGET TO REMOVE THE HOST FROM
PLASTIC'S /root/.rhosts FILE WHEN DONE. You could just use ssh instead,
but I see no reason to encrypt/decrypt 6.5GB of data (though I am sure
there is some option to use NULL encryption...)
1. Boot into the FreeBSD MFS (you can use the 'node_admin on' command to set
this up)
On plastic, go to the images directory and use ssh. You must start
sshd on the client node first of course.
2. Log in and run imagezip - to make a full-disk image, run:
su1 ssh -c blowfish -n pcX 'dd if=/dev/rad0 bs=64k count=100156' | \
dd of=wd0 obs=64k
/usr/local/bin/imagezip -d /dev/rad0 <outfile>
4. On plastic, use /usr/testbed/bin/imagezip to compress the image (and
put the little magic header at the beginning).
The MFS will mount all the usual /users and /proj directories, so write it
into NFS somewhere, then move it into its final location on boss from there.
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