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Added some documentation for the newscript backend

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newscript is a generalized script for adding new nodes, interfaces,
wires, and interface types into the database. It works on a
transactional model. First, you can add a pending node which is
notionally the beginning of the transaction. Then you can update to
change information about the new entity, rollback to cancel the
addition, or commit to permanently complete the database change. There
are also resolve and list commands to see what entities are currently
newnode [-d] [-v] [-f] <xmlfile>
-d print debug information
-v verify permissions: do not execute commands
-n print out commands: do not execute commands
The xmlfile consists of a simple list of key/value pairs. Here is an example:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<attribute name="table">
<attribute name="command">
<attribute name="id">
<attribute name="node_id">
<attribute name="type">
<attribute name="IP">
<attribute name="identifier">
There are three special keys that are passed in the XML format which control the script:
table specifies which kind of entity should be operated on. This can
be a 'node', a 'wire', an 'interface', or an 'interface_type'. Each of
these has different parameters which are used to populate the
id is the unique identifier for a particular pending entry used to
detemine which row to use commands on.
command is the action to be taken: 'add', 'update', 'rollback',
'commit', 'list' or 'resolve'.
add creates a new pending entity in the database using the other
key/value pairs to create a new database row. A new id is generated
for the newly-created entity.
update changes the rows in a database. The 'id' field must be
specified when updating and this determines which row of the database
is modified. Only those key/values which are specified in the update
are changed.
rollback uses the id field to remove a row and cancel a pending insertion.
commit uses the id field to complete a pending insertion. This updates
the database and in the case of a node, also runs the newnode script.
resolve returns the database row specified by id in a space-delimited format.
list returns all database rows delimited by newlines.
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