Commit fe97bdd2 authored by Timothy Stack's avatar Timothy Stack

Specify the height for the logon/requestaccount images so the browser

doesn't have to redo the layout after they load.
parent 34392a13
......@@ -369,14 +369,14 @@ function WRITESIDEBAR() {
if (!$firstinitstate) {
echo "<a href=\"$TBBASE/reqaccount.php3\">";
echo "<img alt=\"Request Account\" border=0 ";
echo "src=\"$BASEPATH/requestaccount.gif\"></a>";
echo "src=\"$BASEPATH/requestaccount.gif\" width=144 height=32></a>";
echo "<strong>or</strong>";
echo "<a href=\"$TBBASE/login.php3\">";
echo "<img alt=\"logon\" border=0 ";
echo "src=\"$BASEPATH/logon.gif\"></a>\n";
echo "src=\"$BASEPATH/logon.gif\" width=144 height=32></a>\n";
echo "</div>";
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