Commit fe51a12e authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Minor fix to previous revision.

parent 8fcc3eea
......@@ -4010,7 +4010,7 @@ sub UpdateManifest($)
$vlantags{$vlan->vname()} = $tag;
foreach my $linkref (GeniXML::GetNodes("n:link", $rspec)->get_nodelist()) {
foreach my $linkref (GeniXML::FindNodes("n:link", $rspec)->get_nodelist()){
my $vname = GeniXML::GetVirtualId($linkref);
my $tag = (exists($vlantags{$vname}) ? $vlantags{$vname} : undef);
if (!defined($tag)) {
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