Commit fd960519 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Oops, left this out of commit 6415436a.

parent 965be5ea
......@@ -5817,6 +5817,63 @@ sub SetElabInElabAttr($$$$;$)
return 0;
# Set the IP for the ops node in an elabinelab, when using a FreeBSD
# jail for ops (OPSVM). We have to do this early on, when boss is a
# XEN VM, since we have have to tell the vhost about the OPS IP so that
# it can adjust the firewall rules. Ick.
sub AssignElabInElabOpsIP($)
my ($self) = @_;
my $bossnode;
my $ip;
# Grab the elabinelab attributes for search.
my $attributes = $self->GetElabInElabAttrs();
return -1
if (!defined($attributes) || !keys(%{$attributes}));
# Only relevant if OPSVM defined.
return 0
if (!exists($attributes->{'CONFIG_OPSVM'}));
# Need to find the boss physical node and see if its a VM.
my @pnodes = $self->NodeList(0, 1);
foreach my $pnode (@pnodes) {
my $elabrole = $pnode->inner_elab_role();
if (defined($elabrole) && $elabrole =~ /^boss/) {
$bossnode = $pnode;
return -1
if (!defined($bossnode));
# If we have an address pool for 'opsvm' then allocate the IP
# from that. Otherwise a jail IP.
my $ips = $self->LookupAddressPools("opsvm");
if (@$ips) {
my ($ref) = @{$ips};
$ip = $ref->{'ip'};
# XEN clientside looks at the *virt* attributes.
$self->SetVirtNodeAttribute($bossnode->vname(), "XEN_IPALIASES", $ip);
else {
($ip) = $bossnode->GetJailIP();
print "Setting the IP for OPS jail to $ip\n";
$self->SetElabInElabAttr("boss", "OPSIP", $ip);
$self->SetElabInElabAttr("ops", "OPSIP", $ip);
$self->SetElabInElabAttr("fs", "OPSIP", $ip);
return 0;
# Check to see if an eid is valid.
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