Commit fc48cdee authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Install same bins/libs on clients as on control nodes.

One difference: we don't make all the symlinks to (like
node_avail et al).

Also, this is going to require m2crypto -- the right version -- on client
images.  If the scripts don't work on many images for now because
m2crypto is not there, fine for awhile... but we should move in this
parent f6e3d3aa
......@@ -98,4 +98,10 @@ control-install: $(CLIENTBINS) $(USERLIBS) \
$(addprefix $(INSTALL_BINDIR)/, $(CLIENTBINS))
client-install: client $(CLIENTBINS) $(USERLIBS) \
$(addprefix $(INSTALL_LIBDIR)/, $(USERLIBS)) \
$(addprefix $(INSTALL_BINDIR)/, $(CLIENTBINS))
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