Commit fbce0e2c authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Disable the periodic check for a changed repo if the user clicks update,

and never renable. In general this just gets in the way and is confusing
unless the user is using a push hook.
parent 76b15833
......@@ -1479,9 +1479,6 @@ $(function ()
// Mark as HEAD in the page.
repohash = blob.hash;
// Now we can let the auto check proceed, it will no
// longer think anything has changed.
repobusy = false;
if (blob) {
......@@ -1516,9 +1513,15 @@ $(function ()
* Need to wait if the auto check for the repo change is
* not running. It hurts to run this at the same time that
* is running.
* We are never going to set repobusy=false after this, so
* CheckRepoChange() will never run again once the user has
* used the update button. Not worth the trouble to get the
* synchronization correct.
var checker = function () {
if (!repobusy) {
// See comment above ...
repobusy = true;
gitrepo.UpdateRepo(version_uuid, callback);
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