Commit fba22405 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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In SECUREBOOT trigger, better distinguish SECUREBOOT and SECURELOAD.

parent a80d0e2c
......@@ -773,16 +773,21 @@ sub stateTransition($$) {
# This could come from any state as it just indicates that
# a machine with a gPXE dongle has rebooted.
# To differentiate BOOT from LOAD we check next_op_mode.
# It will be set to SECURELOAD when we need to go there,
# otherwise we force it to SECUREBOOT.
# To differentiate BOOT from LOAD:
# if next_op_mode is SECURELOAD, goto SECURELOAD
# else if mode/state is SECURELOAD/SHUTDOWN, goto SECURELOAD
# else goto SECUREBOOT.
debug("Running $SECUREBOOT trigger\n");
my $query_result =
DBQueryWarn("select next_op_mode from nodes ".
"where node_id='$node'");
my ($nextmode) = $query_result->fetchrow();
if (!$nextmode || $nextmode ne TBDB_NODEOPMODE_SECURELOAD) {
if (!$nextmode) {
$nextmode = $mode;
if ($mode ne $nextmode) {
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