Commit fb7cc2a6 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Oops, portbw is in kbps not mbps.

parent 8164d2b3
......@@ -8180,8 +8180,8 @@ sub AddBridge($$$$)
$self->interfacespeedmbps(physinterfacetype($pnode, $iface1),
$self->portbw()->{$member0} = $speed0;
$self->portbw()->{$member1} = $speed1;
$self->portbw()->{$member0} = $speed0 * 1000;
$self->portbw()->{$member1} = $speed1 * 1000;
$self->printdb(" Setting port speeds on $pnodename: ".
"$iface0:$speed0 $iface1:$speed1\n");
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