Commit fa587782 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

UE: Finish setting up ADB port forwarding in libossetup_ue

Override LightUpNodes() in libossetup_ue to call over to the host
node to finish setting up ADB port forwarding.
parent 27d1d683
......@@ -1315,8 +1315,7 @@ sub SetupReloadUE($)
# Invoke local script that calls the remote end that
# actually does the work. This will go into the background.
my $rv = system("$TBADB -n $node loadimage $imgpid $imgname ".
"nowait doforward");
my $rv = system("$TBADB -n $node loadimage $imgpid $imgname nowait");
if ($rv) {
tberror "$node: tbadb failed!";
return -1;
......@@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ my $TBOPS = "@TBOPSEMAIL@";
my $NODEREBOOT = "$TB/bin/node_reboot";
my $VNODESETUP = "$TB/sbin/vnode_setup";
my $ELABINELAB = "$TB/sbin/elabinelab";
my $TBADB = "$TB/bin/tbadb";
# Setup Operation Flags
$NOSTATE = 0x00;
......@@ -2201,5 +2202,23 @@ use English;
use Data::Dumper;
use overload ('""' => 'Stringify');
# Enable the ADB port forwarding we reserved previously via the mapper.
sub LightUpNodes($@) {
my ($self, @nodelist) = @_;
my $experiment = $self->parent()->experiment();
foreach my $node (@nodelist) {
my $node_id = $node->node_id();
my $adb_target;
if (system("$TBADB -n $node_id forward") != 0) {
die_noretry("Could not setup adb forwarding for $node_id!");
return $self->SUPER::LightUpNodes(@nodelist);
# This needs to be the last thing in the file.
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