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README - Updated

GNUmakefile - Removed extract_tb
macs.txt - No longer meaningful.  This data is now in the DB.
parent 733a1647
......@@ -7,8 +7,7 @@ include ../../GNUmakerules
# These get installed with .tcl extensions.
SCRIPTS = assign.tcl handle_os extract_tb.tcl libir.tcl \
SCRIPTS = assign.tcl handle_os libir.tcl handle_ip
assign.tcl -
This is a script that will take an IR with a topology section
and generates and appends the virtual and vlan sections. It looks for
files testbed.ptop and macs.txt in the current directory. It takes
one argument, the name of an ir file and generates a file "assign.log"
for debugging purposes.
and generates and appends the virtual and vlan sections. It does this via
a call to assign. It takes an IR file and a ptop file as input. The ptop
file should be generated by ptopgen.
testbed.ptop -
The physical topology of the testbed. At this point just a sample.
handle_ip -
Interprets all the IP TB commands fills out the /ip section. -
A sample ir file. Trivial case.
handle_os -
Inteprets OS commands and fills out the /os section.
libir.* -
Perl and Tcl versions of the IR lib. This is a library for easily
reading and writing IR files. - only with some port numbers explicit.
macs.txt -
A dummy macs.txt file for testing purposes.
node_0_0 MAC0.0.0 MAC0.0.1 MAC0.0.2
node_0_1 MAC0.1.0 MAC0.1.1 MAC0.1.2
node_0_2 MAC0.2.0 MAC0.2.1 MAC0.2.2
node_0_3 MAC0.3.0 MAC0.3.1 MAC0.3.2
node_0_4 MAC0.4.0 MAC0.4.1 MAC0.4.2
node_0_5 MAC0.5.0 MAC0.5.1 MAC0.5.2
node_0_6 MAC0.6.0 MAC0.6.1 MAC0.6.2
node_0_7 MAC0.7.0 MAC0.7.1 MAC0.7.2
node_1_0 MAC1.0.0 MAC1.0.1 MAC1.0.2
node_1_1 MAC1.1.0 MAC1.1.1 MAC1.1.2
node_1_2 MAC1.2.0 MAC1.2.1 MAC1.2.2
node_1_3 MAC1.3.0 MAC1.3.1 MAC1.3.2
node_1_4 MAC1.4.0 MAC1.4.1 MAC1.4.2
node_1_5 MAC1.5.0 MAC1.5.1 MAC1.5.2
node_1_6 MAC1.6.0 MAC1.6.1 MAC1.6.2
node_1_7 MAC1.7.0 MAC1.7.1 MAC1.7.2
node_2_0 MAC2.0.0 MAC2.0.1 MAC2.0.2
node_2_1 MAC2.1.0 MAC2.1.1 MAC2.1.2
node_2_2 MAC2.2.0 MAC2.2.1 MAC2.2.2
node_2_3 MAC2.3.0 MAC2.3.1 MAC2.3.2
node_2_4 MAC2.4.0 MAC2.4.1 MAC2.4.2
node_2_5 MAC2.5.0 MAC2.5.1 MAC2.5.2
node_2_6 MAC2.6.0 MAC2.6.1 MAC2.6.2
node_2_7 MAC2.7.0 MAC2.7.1 MAC2.7.2
node_3_0 MAC3.0.0 MAC3.0.1 MAC3.0.2
node_3_1 MAC3.1.0 MAC3.1.1 MAC3.1.2
node_3_2 MAC3.2.0 MAC3.2.1 MAC3.2.2
node_3_3 MAC3.3.0 MAC3.3.1 MAC3.3.2
node_3_4 MAC3.4.0 MAC3.4.1 MAC3.4.2
node_3_5 MAC3.5.0 MAC3.5.1 MAC3.5.2
node_3_6 MAC3.6.0 MAC3.6.1 MAC3.6.2
node_3_7 MAC3.7.0 MAC3.7.1 MAC3.7.2
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