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Flesh it out some, I was in a hurry yesterday.

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The current traffic generation application is based on the TG traffic
generator distributed by (
We have made modifications to interface it with our event system which
is based on Elvin (
To build the trafgen application.
1. Download tg2.0 and unpack in tg2.0 subdirctory.
0. Note: you must first have installed and built the elvin library
and you must configure the testbed with --enable-events.
1. Download tg2.0:
2. Unpack in tg2.0 subdirctory:
cd <testbed-srcdir>/event/trafgen
tar xzf tg2.0.tar.gz
2. Apply the patch:
patch -P0 < tg.patch
patch -p0 < tg.patch
3. Thats it!
3. Thats it! You should now be able to make trafgen.
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