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Added checks to make sure users only run it from appropriate directories,

(/users and /proj, both of which are definitely available on both paper and
 plastic), and improved the error message if they are in a different
parent b76782da
......@@ -17,8 +17,21 @@ $identity = "-i $ENV{HOME}/.ssh/identity";
# Current working directory:
$cwd = $ENV{PWD};
# We only want to actually change to $CWD if it will actually
# be accesible on the other machine - if it's in /users or /proj
if (!($cwd =~ qr|/users|) || ($cwd =~ qr|/proj|)) {
warn "In order to make sure that this command has access to any\n";
warn "files it may need to read, please change directories into\n";
warn "your home directory (in /users/) or your project directory\n";
warn "(in /proj/).\n";
exit (-1);
# Now, do the magic
$rv = system "$ssh $identity $nopass $nokeycheck $host 'cd $cwd \; $0 @ARGV'";
$sshcmd = "$ssh $identity $nopass $nokeycheck $host 'cd $cwd \; $0 @ARGV'";
#print "About to run $sshcmd\n";
$rv = system $sshcmd;
if ($rv > 256) {
print "**********\n";
print "SSH failed. You may need to run the following commands:\n\n";
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