Commit f80907f1 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Fix potential wild pointer bug in reorderLinks()

Was returning a structure with a pointer to a stack-allocated string in
it. Use knowledge about where that string came from to avoid having to
make a copy of it, instead.

There is still a minor memory leak, but left behind a note rather than
fixing it (which would be quite involved).
parent 469be374
......@@ -672,19 +672,30 @@ string annotate_rspec_v2::getShortInterfaceName (string interface)
// Re-orders the links so that all the links on an interswitch link
// are in the correct order
// WARNING: This will distroy the input list
// NOTE: The pointer to the list returned by this should be freed
// NOTE: The caller has the responsibility to return the freed list and all
// char*s it contains
list<const char*>*
annotate_rspec_v2::reorderLinks (list<const char*>* links)
list<const char*> *ordered = new list<const char*>();
// list<const char*>::iterator it;
string link = links->front();
// IMPORTANT: The *only* reason we can push this char* directly into ordered
// (instead of making a copy) is that we know that it came from an fstring
// when the 'links' structure was created, and fstring never frees its
// strings. If that were not true, this code could produce dangling pointers
const char *link = links->front();
DOMElement* prev = ((this->physical_elements)->find(link.c_str()))->second;
DOMElement* prev = (this->physical_elements)->find(link)->second;
while(!links->empty()) {
prev = this->find_next_link_in_path(prev, links);
// TODO: This is a minor memory leak - we keep the pointer to the char*
// inside the string, but not the pointer to the string object itself, so
// it cannot be freed. The best way to clean this up would be to make links
// and ordered lists of fstrings (not pointers to fstrings)
string* link
= new string(XStr(prev->getAttribute(XStr("component_id").x())).c());
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