Commit f7bd84f8 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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print node_id not node in diagnostics saying what command+args is running

parent 8f4eb5d3
......@@ -301,10 +301,10 @@ foreach my $node (@nodes) {
if (@osselect_params) {
foreach my $str (@osselect_params) {
if ($debug) { print "Running '$osselect $str $node'\n"; }
if ($debug) { print "Running '$osselect $str $node_id'\n"; }
if (system("$osselect $str $node_id")) {
print STDERR "*** 'os_select $str $node' failed!\n";
print STDERR "*** 'os_select $str $node_id' failed!\n";
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