Commit f566df87 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Minor big fix; need to copy the topomap to the experiment directory in

/proj right away so that booting nodes see the current copy, not a
stale one (or none at all).
parent be02ad14
......@@ -180,5 +180,15 @@ if (! $impotent) {
# for this first, so as to reduce the amount of data served up via NFS.
system("cat $toponame | gzip > ${toponame}.gz");
# Now copy over to the user exp directory since in a normal create/modify
# files are not copied over from boss to ops until later, which is too
# late cause the nodes have already booted, and the topomap will not be
# where it supposed to be (or it is stale).
my $userdir = TBExptUserDir($pid, $eid);
system("cp -fp $toponame ${toponame}.gz $userdir/tbdata");
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