Commit f3302687 authored by Timothy Stack's avatar Timothy Stack
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Change the "baseurl" parameter to "floorurl", since "baseurl" seems

magical (atleast on OS X it is).
parent 5cc2a6e7
......@@ -96,12 +96,12 @@ $baseurl = "../floormap_aux.php3?prefix=$uniqueid";
if (isset($fake))
$pipeurl .= "&fake=yes";
echo "<applet code='RoboTrack.class'
echo "<applet name='tracker' code='RoboTrack.class'
width='900' height='600'
alt='You need java to run this applet'>
<param name='pipeurl' value='$pipeurl'>
<param name='baseurl' value='$baseurl'>
<param name='floorurl' value='$baseurl'>
<param name='uid' value='$uid'>
<param name='auth' value='$auth'>
<param name='ppm' value='$ppm'>
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