Commit f3010b7a authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Crap! --yes is not supported in the older (aka, Ubuntu14 vintage) lvcreate.

parent d105cce2
......@@ -1759,11 +1759,11 @@ sub os_create_storage_slice($$$)
# try a striped LV first
my $pvs = $so->{'LVM_VGDEVS'};
if (defined($pvs) && $pvs > 1 &&
!mysystem("lvcreate -Zy --yes -i $pvs -n $lv -L ${lvsize}m $VGNAME $redir")) {
!mysystem("lvcreate -Zy -i $pvs -n $lv -L ${lvsize}m $VGNAME $redir")) {
$href->{'LVDEV'} = "/dev/$VGNAME/$lv";
return 1;
if (mysystem("lvcreate -Zy --yes -n $lv -L ${lvsize}m $VGNAME $redir")) {
if (mysystem("lvcreate -Zy -n $lv -L ${lvsize}m $VGNAME $redir")) {
warn("*** $lv: could not create LV$logmsg\n");
return 0;
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