Commit f190d797 authored by Shashi Guruprasad's avatar Shashi Guruprasad
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Added a proc to cycle through all vnodes and write the vnode packet rate

into a file in /proj/<pid>/exp/<eid>/logs/nse-vnodepktrate-<vnode>.log.
This proc is called from C++ if the NSE RT scheduler declares ``violation''
and before sending an NSESWAP event.
parent 614f78a7
......@@ -330,8 +330,10 @@ if { $simcode_present == 1 } {
# Disabling and Enabling interfaces so that routes are all
# flushed and we can start cleanly
exec $CLIENTVARDIR/boot/rc.ifc disable
exec $CLIENTVARDIR/boot/rc.ifc enable
if { [file exists $CLIENTVARDIR/boot/rc.ifc] } {
exec $CLIENTVARDIR/boot/rc.ifc disable
exec $CLIENTVARDIR/boot/rc.ifc enable
# Now, we configure IPTaps for links between real and simulated nodes
set i 0
......@@ -443,6 +445,8 @@ set logpath "/proj/$pid/exp/$eid/logs/nse-$vnode.log"
set simobjname [$ns set tbname]
set nseswap_cmdline "$CLIENTBINDIR/tevc -s $boss -e $pid/$eid now $simobjname NSESWAP SIMHOST=$vnode"
set pktrate_logpath "/proj/$pid/exp/$eid/logs/nse-vnodepktrate-$vnode.log"
# Configuring the Scheduler to monitor the event system
set evsink [new TbEventSink]
$evsink event-server "elvin://$boss"
......@@ -470,4 +474,19 @@ if { [info exists tbroutes] } {
$ns at 0.0 {exec echo "Informing the testbed that we're up and running ..." > /dev/console}
$ns at 0.0 "exec $CLIENTBINDIR/tmcc state ISUP"
proc write-vnode-pktrate {} {
global pktrate_logpath
set f [open $pktrate_logpath w]
foreach nodeinst [concat [Node info instances] [Node/MobileNode info instances]] {
if { [$nodeinst info vars tbname] == {} } {
set tbnodename [$nodeinst set tbname]
set pktrate [$nodeinst get-pktrate]
puts $f "$tbnodename=$pktrate"
close $f
$ns run
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