Commit f18bd25b authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Use Kbs as bandwidth unit instead of Mbs. Also add check to make sure

bandwidth is in usable range.
parent eedcf74f
......@@ -255,27 +255,33 @@ proc new {class args} {
# This takes a bandwidth specifier in the form of <amt><unit> where
# <unit> is any of b, bps, kb, kbps, Mb, Mbps, Gb, or Gbps. If no
# unit is given then bytes (b) is assumed. It returns the bandwidth
# in Mbps.
# in Kbps.
proc parse_bw {bspec} {
# Default to bytes
if {[scan $bspec "%f%s" bw unit] == 1} {
set unit b
switch -- $unit {
b {return [expr int($bw/1000000)]}
bps {return [expr int($bw/1000000)]}
kb {return [expr int($bw/1000)]}
kbps {return [expr int($bw/1000)]}
Mb {return [expr int($bw)]}
Mbps {return [expr int($bw)]}
Gb {return [expr int($bw*1000)]}
Gbps {return [expr int($bw*1000)]}
b {set val [expr int($bw/1000)]}
bps {set val [expr int($bw/1000)]}
kb {set val [expr int($bw)]}
kbps {set val [expr int($bw)]}
Mb {set val [expr int($bw*1000)]}
Mbps {set val [expr int($bw*1000)]}
Gb {set val [expr int($bw*1000000)]}
Gbps {set val [expr int($bw*1000000)]}
default {
perror "Unknown bandwidth unit $unit."
return 100
set val 100000
if {$val < 10} {
perror "Bandwidth of $val Kbs is too low."
return 0
return $val
# parse_delay dspec
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