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Note about where to get a dhclient for RHL7

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......@@ -51,6 +51,19 @@ A. Things to understand up front:
use is implemented as a template I think). I think I just copied over
the installed headers from a BSD box.
- Dhclient. On FreeBSD and RedHat > 7, this should be standard.
(We used to use "pump" for RedHat 7, but we couldn't make it work
efficiently for multiple interfaces. So, we switched to dhclient
there as well.) You will need to grab a RedHat 7 RPM from somewhere,
I found one at
When installing the RPM, you will need to use "--nodeps" to avoid its
dependency on some initscripts RPM (those scripts presumably just
provide the boot time rc boilerplate to call dhclient, we have our
own and don't need it).
- Perl. On FreeBSD 5, perl is not installed by default. Make sure you
have a version of perl5 installed.
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