Commit eefa9659 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Minor bug fix; assign the vlanid of the interfaces table to the lanid

of the lans table, not the idx of the vlans table, which is deprecated
parent aa875320
......@@ -3421,17 +3421,13 @@ sub UploadVlans()
if (!defined($linkedlan));
my $virtlanidx = virtlanidx($lan->vname());
my $linkedlanid = $linkedlan->lanid();
# XXX Fix when installed.
my $vlanid;
$linkedlan->GetAttribute("vlanid", \$vlanid);
printdb("Update vinterfaces on $lan: $virtlanidx -> $vlanid\n");
printdb("Update vinterfaces: $lan: $virtlanidx -> $linkedlanid\n");
DBQueryFatal("update vinterfaces set vlanid='$vlanid' ".
DBQueryFatal("update vinterfaces set vlanid='$linkedlanid' ".
"where virtlanidx='$virtlanidx' and ".
" exptidx='$experiment_idx'");
else {
printdb "Dumping vlans table.\n";
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