Commit eef173c0 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb
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Return MLNX_DEF_VLAN when "default" is queried in snmpit_mellanox

parent b0e6e24b
......@@ -725,7 +725,9 @@ sub findVlans($@) {
# talking to the switch), should we return undef, or just a null
# mapping? I'm thinking the former...
foreach my $vlid (@vlan_ids) {
if (exists($all{$vlid})) {
if ($vlid eq "default") {
$mps{$vlid} = $MLNX_DEF_VLAN;
} elsif (exists($all{$vlid})) {
$mps{$vlid} = $all{$vlid};
} else {
$mps{$vlid} = undef;
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