Commit ee658933 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Put the proper desire on delay nodes if the user asks for a custom

delay osid so that they don't get a delay node that can't load their

Note, I can't do this when the user does not ask for a specific delay
OSID, since then the OSID is dependant on the node type.
parent 1320998c
......@@ -509,6 +509,7 @@ my $mem_usage;
# Allow override of jail/delay osids.
my $jail_osid;
my $delay_osid;
my $delay_osid_desire;
# Flag that tells us whether to fix-node current
# resources or not during a swap modify. This is
......@@ -4051,6 +4052,13 @@ sub LoadExperiment()
fatal("Invalid OS $delay_osname in project $pid!");
# Keep a desire string we can use to make sure that the node type picked
# for the delay node can load the right OS
if ($delay_osid) {
$delay_osid_desire = "OS-$delay_osid:1";
} else {
$delay_osid_desire = "";
if (defined($delay_capacity)) {
$DELAYCAPACITY = $delay_capacity;
$delaycap_override = $delay_capacity;
......@@ -4477,7 +4485,8 @@ sub CreateTopFile()
print TOPFILE "node $delayname delay\n";
my $delayos = "";
print TOPFILE "node $delayname delay $delay_osid_desire\n";
"link linksdelaysrc/$lan/$nodeport0,$nodeport1 ".
"$node0 $delayname $top_bw 0 0 ethernet\n";
......@@ -4649,7 +4658,8 @@ sub CreateTopFile()
print TOPFILE "node $delayname delay\n";
print TOPFILE "node $delayname delay " .
print TOPFILE "link linkdelaysrc/$lan/$member" .
" $node $delayname $top_bw 0 0 ethernet\n";
print TOPFILE "link linkdelaydst/$lan/$member" .
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