Commit ed3374b4 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Bug Fix: Remove END block; we send events from other END blocks, so if

we unregister in an END block, we have to worry about ordering (and
get bit by obscure errors).
parent c62143c0
......@@ -645,17 +645,6 @@ sub EventFork() {
$event::EventSendHandle = undef;
# When we exit, unregister with the event system if we're connected
if ($event::EventSendHandle) {
if (event_unregister($event::EventSendHandle) == 0) {
warn "Could not unregister with event system";
push @EXPORT, qw(event_subscribe event_poll event_poll_blocking EventSend
EventSendFatal EventSendWarn EventFork EventRegister);
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