Commit ed27821c authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Ease up permissions check since it always does the right thing; just

force audit mode when a non-admin mucks with another persons account.
Add check for "webonly" accounts and treat like other users that do
not get an account on boss/ops.
Check for users without any project membership, and create account
with the guest group. This won't actually happen, but I made this
change in case we decide to give widearea owners a real account.
I think setgroups should get an equiv change at some point.
parent b1a8b0d1
......@@ -131,10 +131,9 @@ my $SSHDIR = "$HOMEDIR/$user/.ssh";
my $SFSDIR = "$HOMEDIR/$user/.sfs";
# This script always does the right thing, but we prefer that mere users
# do not run it, except when its for themselves. Otherwise, make sure that
# user has group/project root in at least one project, which indicates they
# have some level of responsibility.
# This script always does the right thing, but if a non admin runs it
# for someone else, force auditmode. Technically speaking, this should
# never happen since mere users do not have access to this script ...
if (!TBAdmin($UID)) {
my $dbuid;
......@@ -143,17 +142,7 @@ if (!TBAdmin($UID)) {
die("You are not a valid emulab user!\n");
if ($dbuid ne $user) {
# Check if group_root/project_root anyplace.
$query_result =
DBQueryFatal("select trust from group_membership ".
"where uid='$dbuid' and ".
"trust='project_root' or trust='group_root'");
if ($query_result->numrows == 0) {
die("$0: You do not have permission to run this script!\n");
$auditmode = 1;
......@@ -180,11 +169,8 @@ if ($auditmode) {
$query_result =
DBQueryFatal("select u.usr_pswd,u.unix_uid,u.usr_name, ".
" u.usr_email,u.status, ".
" from users as u ".
"left join group_membership as m ".
" on u.uid=m.uid and ".
"where u.uid='$user' order by date_approved asc limit 1");
" u.usr_email,u.status,u.webonly from users as u ".
"where u.uid='$user'");
if ($query_result->numrows == 0) {
fatal("$user is not in the DB. This is bad.\n");
......@@ -195,11 +181,14 @@ my $user_number = $db_row[1];
my $fullname = $db_row[2];
my $user_email = $db_row[3];
my $status = $db_row[4];
my $defpid = $db_row[5];
my $webonly = $db_row[5];
if ($status eq USERSTATUS_FROZEN ||
if ($webonly ||
print "User $user status indicates he/she should not have an account!\n";
# All this stuff must be done as root (ssh).
......@@ -238,23 +227,35 @@ if ($status eq USERSTATUS_FROZEN ||
fatal("Error clearing account for $user!");
if ($auditmode) {
if (!defined($defpid)) {
die("*** $0:\n".
" $user is not in any projects!\n");
# Unix info for users default group.
# Get the users earliest project membership to use as the default group
# for the case that the account is being (re)created. We convert that to
# the unix info.
my $default_groupname;
my $default_groupgid;
if (! TBGroupUnixInfo($defpid, $defpid,
\$default_groupgid, \$default_groupname)) {
fatal("No info for default project $defpid!");
$query_result =
DBQueryFatal("select from group_membership as m ".
"where m.uid='$user' and ".
"order by date_approved asc limit 1");
if (my ($defpid) = $query_result->fetchrow_array) {
if (! TBGroupUnixInfo($defpid, $defpid,
\$default_groupgid, \$default_groupname)) {
fatal("No info for default project $defpid!");
else {
print "No group membership for $user; using the guest group!\n";
($default_groupname,undef,$default_groupgid,undef) = getgrnam("guest");
......@@ -387,33 +388,7 @@ NewsshKeyfile($SSHDIR, $user_number, $default_groupgid, 2, @p2keys);
# Now schedule account updates on all the nodes that this person has
# an account on.
# There are two sets of nodes. The first is all of the local nodes in all of
# projects the user is a member of. The second is all of the widearea nodes
# that the project has access to. Rather than operate on a per node basis.
# grab the project names (for the reserved table) and the remote types
# to match against the node types. Of course, the pcremote_ok slot is a
# set, so need to parse that.
$query_result =
DBQueryFatal("select,pcremote_ok from users as u ".
"left join group_membership as g on ".
" u.uid=g.uid and ".
"left join projects as p on ".
"where u.uid='$user'");
while (my %row = $query_result->fetchhash()) {
my $pid = $row{'pid'};
my $pcremote = $row{'pcremote_ok'};
if (defined($pcremote)) {
my @typelist = split(',', $pcremote);
foreach my $nodetype (@typelist) {
# If an SFS change was requested (or a new user), then must update.
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