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A few touch ups, and don't send email from here any more. Call

idlemail <pid> <eid> instead, with the optional -f force, to be able to
send a swap request even when the expt isn't idle (or is idle ignored, or
it hasn't been long enough since the last one, etc.)
parent bc6a3c11
# Copyright (c) 2000-2002 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
# Copyright (c) 2000-2003 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
# All rights reserved.
......@@ -53,16 +53,19 @@ if (! ISADMIN($uid)) {
# probably redirect the browser back up a level.
if ($canceled) {
echo "<center><h2><br>
Swap/Termination request canceled!
echo <<<END
<center><h2>Swap request canceled!</h2>
<a href="showexp.php3?pid=$pid&eid=$eid">Back to experiment $pid/$eid</a>
# We only send to the proj leader after we've sent $tell_proj_head requests
$tell_proj_head = 2;
$tell_proj_head = TBGetSiteVar("idle/cc_grp_ldrs");
$q = DBQueryWarn("select swappable, swap_requests,
date_format(last_swap_req,\"%T\") as lastreq
from experiments
......@@ -102,8 +105,10 @@ Expt. '$eid' in project '$pid' has $c Emulab node".($c!=1?"s":"").
SHOWEXP($pid, $eid);
echo "<form action='request_swapexp.php3?pid=$pid&eid=$eid' method=post>";
echo "<b><input type=submit name=confirmed value=Confirm></b>\n";
echo "<b><input type=submit name=canceled value=Cancel></b>\n";
echo "<p><input type=checkbox name=force value=1>Force: ".
"Send message even if not idle</p>\n";
echo "<input type=submit name=confirmed value=Confirm>\n";
echo "<input type=submit name=canceled value=Cancel>\n";
echo "</form>\n";
echo "</center>\n";
......@@ -111,101 +116,39 @@ Expt. '$eid' in project '$pid' has $c Emulab node".($c!=1?"s":"").
# Grab experiment/project leaders and email info.
$expleader = 0;
$projleader = 0;
if (! TBExpLeader($pid, $eid, $expleader)) {
TBERROR("Could not determine experiment leader!", 1);
TBUserInfo($expleader, $expleader_name, $expleader_email);
if (! TBProjLeader($pid, $projleader)) {
TBERROR("Could not determine project leader!", 1);
if (! TBExptGroup($pid,$eid,$gid)) {
TBERROR("Could not determine experiment group!", 1);
$leaders = TBLeaderMailList($pid,$gid);
if (! $leaders) {
TBERROR("Could not get leader emails!", 1);
# Confirmed and ready to go...
if ($force) {
} else {
$lastact = TBGetExptLastAct($pid,$eid);
$idletime= TBGetExptIdleTime($pid,$eid,"j:G:i");
$idletime = str_replace(":0",":",$idletime);
list($idledays,$idlehrs,$idlemin) = explode(":",$idletime);
#print "<pre>idletime=$idletime\nidledays=$idledays\nidlehrs=$idlehrs\n</pre>";
$idledays -= 1; # Measured from the first of the month...
#print "<pre>\nidledays=$idledays\nidlehrs=$idlehrs\n</pre>";
$idlehrs += 24*$idledays;
#print "<pre>\nidledays=$idledays\nidlehrs=$idlehrs\n</pre>";
$msg =
"Hi, this is an important automated message from $THISHOMEBASE.\n\n".
"It appears that the $c node".($c!=1?"s":"")." in your experiment ".
"'$eid' ".($c!=1?"have":"has")." been inactive for ".
"$idlehrs hours, $idlemin minutes, since $lastact. ".
( $swap_requests > 0
? ("You have been sent ".$swap_requests." other message".
($swap_requests!=1?"s":"")." since this ".
"experiment became idle. ")
: "").
($swappable ?
("This experiment is marked as swappable, so it may be ".
"automatically swapped out by $THISHOMEBASE or its ".
"operational staff.\n") :
("This experiment has not been marked swappable, so it will not be ".
"automatically swapped out.\n")).
"\nWe would appreciate it if you could either terminate or swap this ".
"experiment out so that the nodes will be available for use by ".
"other experimenters. You can do this by logging into the ".
"$THISHOMEBASE Web Interface, and using the swap or terminate ".
"links on this page:\n\n$TBBASE/showexp.php3?pid=$pid&eid=$eid\n\n".
"More information on experiment swapping is available in the $THISHOMEBASE ".
"FAQ at $TBDOCBASE/faq.php3#UTT-Swapping\n\n".
"More information on our node usage policy is available at ".
"If you feel this message is in error then please contact ".
"Testbed Operations <$TBMAILADDR_OPS>.\n\n".
"Thanks!\nTestbed Operations\n";
#print "<pre>\n$msg\n</pre>\n";
# For debugging:
TBMAIL("$expleader_name <$expleader_email>",
"$c PC".($c!=1?"s":"")." idle $idlehrs hours: $pid/$eid",
"From: $TBMAIL_OPS\n".
( $swap_requests >= $tell_proj_head
? "Cc: $leaders\n"
: "") .
"Bcc: $TBMAIL_OPS\n".
"Errors-To: $TBMAIL_WWW");
"webidlemail $force $pid $eid", SUEXEC_ACTION_IGNORE);
# sets some globals for us...
# And log a copy so we know who sent it.
TBUserInfo($uid, $uid_name, $uid_email);
"Swap or Terminate Request: $pid/$eid",
"A swap/terminate $pid/$eid request was sent by $uid ($uid_name).\n",
"From: $uid_name <$uid_email>\n".
"Errors-To: $TBMAIL_WWW");
# Update the count and the time in the database
DBQueryWarn("update experiments set swap_requests= swap_requests+1,
last_swap_req=now() where pid='$pid' and eid='$eid';");
echo "<p><center>
if ($suexec_retval == 0) {
echo "<p><center>
Message successfully sent!
} elseif ($suexec_retval == 2) {
echo "<p><center>
No message was sent, because it wasn't time for a message.<br>
Use the <a href=\"request_swapexp.php3?pid=$pid&eid=$eid\">Force</a>
option to send a message anyway.
} else {
echo "<p><center>
There was an unknown problem sending the message.<br>
Output was:<pre>$suexec_output</pre>
echo <<<END
<a href="showexp.php3?pid=$pid&eid=$eid">Back to experiment $pid/$eid</a>
# Standard Testbed Footer
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