Commit e9d02b34 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Update version of emulab-ops port.

parent b5c775be
......@@ -321,8 +321,8 @@ sub SetupOpsNode()
# must do the unmounts before running ops-install.
print "Installing the ops metaport.\n";
$ENV{"PKG_PATH"} = "/share/freebsd/packages/FreeBSD-4.10-20041102";
mysystem("pkg_add emulab-ops-1.4 >/tmp/perrs 2>&1");
$ENV{"PKG_PATH"} = "/share/freebsd/packages/FreeBSD-4.10-20050126";
mysystem("pkg_add emulab-ops-1.5 >/tmp/perrs 2>&1");
# Clean up a few things on the image and create symlinks into ${TBDIR} for
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