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Commit e9a24fa8 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

PHP appears to not use the Apache CA list, need to tell PHP now, else

we get lots of warnings in the php log file. This change points PHP
to the local emulab CA, and is valid on PHP >= 5.6
parent 3a277dca
...@@ -32,3 +32,8 @@ error_log = "@prefix@/log/php-errors.log" ...@@ -32,3 +32,8 @@ error_log = "@prefix@/log/php-errors.log"
; How stupid is this? ; How stupid is this?
; ;
date.timezone = @OURTIMEZONE@ date.timezone = @OURTIMEZONE@
; This is needed now to avoid SSL verify errors when talking to ourself.
openssl.cafile = @prefix@/etc/emulab.pem
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