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Minor docs tweaks:

kb-search.php3 - If there's an xref_tag, use it in the found item URL.
showstuff.php3 - Replace the broken tiptunnel faq link with kb-show?xref_tag.
tutorial/tutorial.html - Use kb-show?xref_tag=linux_kernel instead of idx=269.
tutorial/elabinelab.php3 -
 . Change syntax from ::TBCOMPAT:: to 'namespace eval TBCOMPAT {'.
 . Document elabinelab_source_tarfile, tb-set-elabinelab-cvstag,
   elabinelab_tarfiles, elabinelab_nodeos, elabinelab_hardware,
   and elabinelab_fixnodes, including refs to similar tb-set- commands.
tutorial/nscommands.html - Fix the anchor for tb-set-node-os.
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......@@ -296,8 +296,11 @@ while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($search_result)) {
echo "<li>";
if (isset($xref_tag) && $xref_tag != "") {
echo "<a NAME='$xref_tag'></a>";
echo "<a href=kb-show.php3?xref_tag=$xref_tag>$title</a>\n";
else {
echo "<a href=kb-show.php3?idx=$idx>$title</a>\n";
echo "<a href=kb-show.php3?idx=$idx>$title</a>\n";
echo "</ul></ul>\n";
......@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ function SHOWNODES($pid, $eid, $sortby, $showclass) {
echo " <th><a href=\"docwrapper.php3?docname=ssh-mime.html\">SSH</a></th>
<th><a href=\"faq.php3#tiptunnel\">Console</a></th> .
<th><a href=\"kb-show.php3?xref_tag=tiptunnel\">Console</a></th> .
# Only put out a RDP column header if there are any Windows nodes.
......@@ -94,10 +94,12 @@ discussion, the project is "testbed" and the experiment is called
tb-elab-in-elab 1
set ::TBCOMPAT::elabinelab_maxpcs 1
namespace eval TBCOMPAT {
set elabinelab_maxpcs 1
$ns run
which is instantiated as shown in the visualization in Figure 1.
......@@ -118,7 +120,12 @@ which is instantiated as shown in the visualization in Figure 1.
As you can see in Figure 1, most of the details are handled for you;
the experiment includes a boss node, an ops node, and a single pc600,
all of which are connected via a lan. Once the experiment swaps in,
all of which are connected via a lan. (You may specify 0 to
<tt>elabinelab_maxpcs</tt> to get only an inner boss and ops, or a positive
integer for multiple experimental pc nodes.)
Once the experiment swaps in,
you can log into <tt></tt>, or you
can log into the web server at <tt></tt>.
There is also a single experimental node that can be used to create an
......@@ -135,7 +142,7 @@ Another example:
tb-elab-in-elab 1
tb-set-inner-elab-eid myexp
$ns run
In this example, we have included a <tt>tb-set-inner-elab-eid</tt>
directive, which says to automatically launch an experiment within the
inner Emulab once it is set up. The "myexp" experiment must already
......@@ -149,6 +156,56 @@ experiment normally, albeit from the inner boss (myboss) web interface
and the inner users node (myops), or you can log into the inner
experimental node (mypc1) directly.
You may specify a different Emulab source tarfile to be used in setting up the
inner Elab, for example:
namespace eval TBCOMPAT {
set elabinelab_source_tarfile "/proj/yourpid/emulab-src.tar.gz"
This source tarfile is created in your object tree (preferably one that is
pure, without any other hacks.) Run "make elabinelab" and it will create the
tarfile for you.
Or if you want to check out a specific tag of the Emulab source code:
tb-set-elabinelab-cvstag SomeTag
which will generate a checkout from the CVS repository.
You may specify tarfiles to modify your inner inner boss and ops, for example:
namespace eval TBCOMPAT {
set elabinelab_tarfiles("boss") "/usr/site /proj/yourpid/patch.tar.gz"
You can specify multiple tarfiles in the string, just as
<a href="docwrapper.php3?docname=nscommands.html#tb-set-node-tarfiles"
<tt>tb-set-node-tarfiles</tt> </a> allows.
Using similar sytax, there are also <tt>set elabinelab_</tt> versions of some
of the <tt>tb-set-</tt> commands that control how the inner boss, ops, and
experimental nodes are set up:
<li> <tt>elabinelab_nodeos</tt> - Choose a node OS ID, similar to
<a href="docwrapper.php3?docname=nscommands.html#tb-set-node-os"
<tt>tb-set-node-os</tt> </a>. </li>
<li> <tt>elabinelab_hardware</tt> - Choose a node hardware type, similar to
<a href="docwrapper.php3?docname=nscommands.html#tb-set-hardware"
<tt>tb-set-hardware</tt> </a>. </li>
<li> <tt>elabinelab_fixnodes</tt> - Choose an exact node, similar to
<a href="docwrapper.php3?docname=nscommands.html#tb-fix-node"
<tt>tb-fix-node</tt> </a>. </li>
<h3> Implementation Notes</h3>
Our goal was to make the inner Emulab look as much like a real Emulab
......@@ -349,7 +349,7 @@ tb-set-netmask $link0 ""
<a name="OS"></a><h3>OS Commands</h3>
<a name="tb-set-netmask"></a><h4>tb-set-node-os</h4>
<a name="tb-set-node-os"></a><h4>tb-set-node-os</h4>
tb-set-node-os <i>node</i> <i>os</i>
......@@ -1268,8 +1268,8 @@ default images as a base, goes like this:
and software packages that you wish to load (if you want to install the
latest version of the Linux kernel on one of our standard RedHat/Fedora
disk images, or on your own custom Linux image, read <a
href="">this Knowledge Base
entry</a>). Be sure to arrange
this Knowledge Base entry</a>). Be sure to arrange
for any programs that need to be started at boot time. It is a
good idea to reboot the node and make sure that everything is
running as you want it to when it comes up.
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