Commit e792f486 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Bit of a tweak to multi-architecture handling wrt virtnodes; apply the

same forced typing to untyped VMs by appending "-vm" to the architecture
in libvtop and ptopgen. This solves a problem that was causing the
mfactor to effectively be ignored, mapping one vm to a physnode when the
type is plain "pcvm".
parent 22ed26a4
......@@ -1300,7 +1300,11 @@ sub LoadVirtNodes($)
elsif (defined($self->forcedarchitecture())) {
my $arch = $self->forcedarchitecture();
if ($isvirt) {
$arch .= "-vm";
$self->printdb(" $vname type:$type ips:$ips\n");
......@@ -1512,6 +1512,9 @@ foreach $node (@nodenames) {
# Add in machine specific auxtypes that use the same count.
push(@types, "${type}-vm:$count");
if (defined($arch)) {
push(@types, "${arch}-vm:$count");
# And a legacy type.
my $legacy_type = $type;
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