Commit e74fe487 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Add elabinelab proxy call for getting the console information so that

the inner web interface can return the stuff that tiptunnel needs.
Tim already had a node.console routine that does this, so I just
invoke it from the elabinelab class, after elabinelab permission
parent 89eac76e
......@@ -3063,12 +3063,41 @@ class elabinelab:
(exitval, output) = runcommand(TBDIR + "/bin/power " + argstr)
# (exitval, output) = runcommand("/bin/echo " + argstr)
if exitval:
return EmulabResponse(RESPONSE_ERROR, exitval >> 8, output=output)
return EmulabResponse(RESPONSE_SUCCESS, output=output)
# node tip acl stuff so inner console link works, redirecting user
# to where the real console is (outer emulab).
def console(self, version, argdict):
if version != self.VERSION:
return EmulabResponse(RESPONSE_BADVERSION,
output="Client version mismatch!")
except NoLoginsError, e:
return EmulabResponse(RESPONSE_REFUSED, output=str(e))
argerror = CheckRequiredArgs(argdict, ("node",))
if (argerror):
return argerror
verifyerror = self.verifystuff();
if (verifyerror):
return verifyerror
# Funnel up to node.console() routine
node_instance = node(readonly=self.readonly);
return node_instance.console(version, argdict);
# vlan control
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