Commit e708a846 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Signal handling changes to deal with openvz containers that will not

die. Mostly a workaround, since I do not know why the signal that was
sent is not delivered when mkvnode unblocks them. So, just send the
signal multiple times. Gack. Needs a lot more thought!
parent ca00472f
......@@ -346,6 +346,8 @@ my $pgrp = getpgrp(0);
sub handler ($) {
my ($signame) = @_;
print STDERR "vnodesetup ($PID) caught a SIG${signame}!\n";
......@@ -368,7 +370,8 @@ sub handler ($) {
$leavejail = 1;
fatal("Caught a SIG${signame}! Killing the vnode ...");
print STDERR "Killing the vnode ...\n";
fatal("Death by $signame");
# We get this when the physical node is rebooting or when asked to "halt" the
# container. In either case, transient state is removed, disk is retained.
......@@ -696,17 +699,40 @@ sub cleanup()
# First force the jail to exit.
if (defined($jailpid)) {
my $sigtosend;
if ($leavejail) {
# Leave disk intact, kill all other transient state.
# Halting or physical node rebooting.
kill('USR1', $jailpid);
$sigtosend = 'USR1';
else {
# All trace removed.
kill('HUP', $jailpid);
$sigtosend = 'HUP';
kill($sigtosend, $jailpid);
my $kidpid = waitpid($jailpid, &WNOHANG);
if ($kidpid == $jailpid) {
# The jail process sometimes refuses to die. Keep trying.
# We send the signal again cause I have seen cases where it
# is ignored, for no reason that I can find. We need to
# eventually stop, but not sure how to deal with this.
while (defined($jailpid)) {
my $kidpid = waitpid($jailpid, &WNOHANG);
if ($kidpid == $jailpid) {
print STDERR "$jailpid would not die; signalling again.\n";
kill($sigtosend, $jailpid);
waitpid($jailpid, 0);
# Kill off everything else (unnecessary in a vserver)
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