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Commit e65ccc09 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

Get rid of some stuff left over from a cut/paste.

Should be harmless (i.e., not change any rows) but I want to get it out
of here to avoid confusion.
parent 86d4d2ab
......@@ -67,15 +67,6 @@ sub DoUpdate($$$)
# tweak a previous transition that wasn't quite right
DBQueryFatal("UPDATE mode_transitions SET state2='SHUTDOWN' WHERE ".
" state1='TPMSIGNOFF' AND op_mode2='PXEKERNEL' AND ".
" state2='BOOTING'");
# no need to BOOTING, CHECKGENISUP as those will happen in next BOOTING
DBQueryFatal("UPDATE state_triggers SET `trigger`='PXEBOOT' WHERE ".
" op_mode='SECUREBOOT' AND state='TPMSIGNOFF'");
return 0;
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