Commit e63fa5e9 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Minor change to previous revision.

parent 2d2faf1f
......@@ -708,17 +708,13 @@ sub DumpDBGoo()
"where uid='$creator_uid'");
# Save time; force all users to start out
# Save time; force all other users to start out
# frozen since most users in the project do not ever
# actually log in.
DBQueryFatal("update temp_${table} set ".
" admin=0 ".
"where uid!='$creator_uid'");
DBQueryFatal("update temp_${table} set ".
" status='" . USERSTATUS_FROZEN() . "' ".
"where admin=0");
"where uid!='$creator_uid'");
# Clean up ... these are created in the inner elab.
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