Commit e5f1311b authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

For wireless nodes, make sure we run the tracing pcapper on an athX iface

rather than the wifiX VAP device that findif reports.
parent b8607483
......@@ -328,6 +328,20 @@ sub doboot()
# XXX - if we're on a wifi node, we get goofed up here
# because we get the wifiX VAP device. The pcapper
# needs to listen on the real athX device. So, we just
# fix that little thing here. This should probably
# be moved up into findiface, but it wouldn't be clean
# there either. Correspondingly, we don't put it in
# findif.c because other parts of wifi setup
# depend on seeing the wifiX name! Sigh.
if ($iface =~ /wifi(\d+)/) {
$iface = "ath$1";
push(@cmd, "-f");
push(@cmd, $file);
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