Commit e5757c91 authored by Srikanth Raju's avatar Srikanth Raju Committed by Leigh B Stoller
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Revert "Increased swap space to handle imageunzipping larger images"

This reverts commit e709749894d85768044ce0631588385ad06ac06b.
Don't need it after figuring out imagezip
parent bd7be70d
......@@ -202,22 +202,6 @@ foreach my $spec (split(',', $xminfo{'disksizes'})) {
print Dumper(\%disksize);
# Increase swap space
if(! -e "/capture/bigswap"){
if(system("dd if=/dev/zero of=/capture/bigswap bs=1M count=15360")){
warn("Could not dd bigswap");
if(system("chmod 600 /capture/bigswap")){
warn("Could not chmod bigswap");
if(system("mkswap /capture/bigswap")){
warn("Could not mkswap bigswap");
if(system("swapon /capture/bigswap")){
warn("Could not swapon bigswap");
foreach my $physinfo (keys(%diskinfo)) {
my $spec = $diskinfo{$physinfo};
my $dev;
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