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Revised comment on serial consoles connected to boss.

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......@@ -20,9 +20,9 @@ After performing the binary upgrade, sysinstall should inform you that the
operation was successful.
2) Reboot your machine and make sure the kernel can load. There will almost
certainly be issues with your configuration files in /etc. Also, if you monitor
the serial line, know that the new kernel by default will output at 9600 baud
instead of the Emulab-configured 115200.
certainly be issues with your configuration files in /etc. If you are using
a serial console on boss at something other than 9600 baud, note that the
upgrade will reinstall the boot loader to output at 9600 baud.
If your kernel will not boot, you may need to reenter sysinstall and reinstall
your master boot record and/or the boot blocks with the bsdlabel utility.
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