Commit e5289530 authored by Ryan Jackson's avatar Ryan Jackson
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Revert "handling admin credentials"

This was pushed accidentally.  Reverting it because it isn't ready yet.

This reverts commit 47ee8b7f.
parent 88ba243e
......@@ -587,21 +587,6 @@ sub SliverAction($$$$$)
# For now, only allow top level aggregate or the slice
my ($slice, $aggregate) = Credential2SliceAggregate($credential);
# find out the component manager URN.
my $cm_urn = GeniHRN::Generate($OURDOMAIN, "authority", "cm");
if ((!defined($slice)) && ($credential->target_urn() =~ "+authority+cm")) {
# administrative credentials are presented.
if ($cm_urn != $credential->target_urn() {
return GeniResponse->Create(GENIRESPONSE_FORBIDDEN(), undef,
"Credential target does not match CM URN");
return GeniResponse->MalformedArgsResponse("Missing arguments");
$slice = GeniSlice->Lookup($slice_urn);
if (! (defined($slice) && defined($aggregate))) {
return GeniResponse->Create(GENIRESPONSE_BADARGS, undef,
"No slice or aggregate here");
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