Commit e4516ce7 authored by Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong

Keep a plain text copy of the CRLs around, for easy certificate lookup later.

parent c354779f
......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ my $PGENIDOMAIN = "@PROTOGENI_DOMAIN@";
my $TBBASE = "@TBBASE@";
my $FETCH = "/usr/bin/fetch";
my $OPENSSL = "/usr/bin/openssl";
my $POSTCRL = "$TB/sbin/protogeni/postcrl";
my $GENCRL = "$TB/sbin/protogeni/gencrl";
my $LOCALCRL = "$TB/ssl/crl.pem";
......@@ -210,6 +211,57 @@ if ($restartapache) {
or fatal("Could not restart apache!");
# Decode the CRLs. All these temporary files are ugly, but we don't want
# to pipe both to and from the child openssl process because of the
# possibility of deadlock.
my $crlstr;
my $incomplete = undef;
open(BUNDLE, "$TB/etc/genicrl.bundle")
or fatal("Could not open $TB/etc/genicrl.bundle for reading");
open(SINGLE, "> /tmp/genicrl.single.$$")
or fatal("Could not open /tmp/genicrl.single.$$ for writing");
open(REVOKED, "> /tmp/genicrl.serials.$$")
or fatal("Could not open /tmp/genicrl.serials.$$ for writing");
while (<BUNDLE>) {
print SINGLE $_;
if ($_ =~ /^-----BEGIN X509 CRL/) {
if ($_ =~ /^-----END X509 CRL/) {
my $issuer;
open( CERT, "$OPENSSL crl -text -noout < /tmp/genicrl.single.$$ |" ) or
fatal( "Could not decode CRL" );
while( <CERT> ) {
m{Issuer: .*/CN=([^/]+)/} and $issuer = $1;
/Serial Number: ([0-9A-Fa-f]+)/ and $issuer and print REVOKED "$issuer $1\n";
close CERT;
$incomplete = undef;
truncate( SINGLE, 0 );
seek( SINGLE, 0, 0 );
# If the file is properly terminated, there should be no CRL in
# progress. Hopefully the file is not trashed at a boundary. We do this
# before moving the decoded file into place to make sure the file
# is reasonable.
fatal("Trashed CRL bundle file")
if ($incomplete);
system("/bin/mv /tmp/genicrl.serials.$$ $TB/etc/genicrl.serials") == 0
or fatal("Could not mv /tmp/genicrl.serials.$$ $TB/etc/genicrl.serials");
# Abort the log since apache likes to spit out stuff.
# No errors at this point, nothing to report.
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