Commit e3a3a0c5 authored by Kirk Webb's avatar Kirk Webb

tbadb_proxy: support for concurrency and Android image bundles.

parent 08192e6b
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ my %DISPATCH = (
sub showhelp() {
print "Usage: $0 <cmd> <cmd_args>\n\n";
print "Usage: $0 -n <node_id> <cmd> <cmd_args>\n\n";
print "<cmd>: TBADB command to run (see list below).\n".
"<cmd_args>: set of arguments specific to <cmd>\n";
print "Command list: ". join(", ", keys %DISPATCH) ."\n";
......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ sub cmd_loadimage($@) {
my ($node_id, $imagepid, $imagename) = @_;
# Check and untaint arguments.
die "tbadb::cmd_loadimage: missing one or more arguments (need: <node_id> <project> <image_name>)!\n"
die "tbadb::cmd_loadimage: missing one or more arguments (need: <project> <image_name>)!\n"
if (!$node_id || !$imagepid || !$imagename);
die "tbadb::cmd_loadimage: malformed project id!"
if ($imagepid !~ /^([-\w]{$MINHLEN,$MAXHLEN})$/);
......@@ -239,10 +239,15 @@ sub cmd_loadimage($@) {
die "tbadb::cmd_loadimage: Could not lookup control server for $node!\n"
if (!$rhost);
die "tbadb::cmd_loadimage: Malformed remote image path!\n"
if ($data->{RESULT}->{REMOTE_PATH} !~ /^([-\/\w]+)$/);
my $rpath = $1;
print "tbadb: Sending $imagepath to $rhost\n";
my $rpath = $data->{RESULT}->{REMOTE_PATH};
$EUID = $UID = 0; # Flip to root to run!
die "tbadb::cmd_loadimage: Failed to transfer image to $rhost: $imagepath\n"
if (system("$SCP -q -B -p $imagepath $rhost:$rpath") != 0);
$EUID = $UID = $SAVEUID; # Flip back.
# Now that the image is (ostensibly) in place on the remote side,
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