Commit e2e3e44c authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Minor change to last revision. Lets use "virtnode" role for now.

parent bac85294
......@@ -105,11 +105,10 @@ $result =
"left join reserved as b on a.node_id=b.node_id ".
"left join reserved as m on a.phys_nodeid=m.node_id ".
"left join nodes as n on a.phys_nodeid=n.node_id ".
"left join node_types as nt on a.type=nt.type ".
"where b.node_id is null and a.role='testnode' and ".
" (nt.isvirtnode=0 || ".
" (n.status='up' and (m.node_id is null || ".
"!='$DEADPID' || m.eid!='$DEADEID')))");
"where b.node_id is null and (a.role='testnode' or ".
" (a.role='virtnode' and n.status='up' and ".
" (m.node_id is null or ".
"!='$DEADPID' or m.eid!='$DEADEID')))");
while (($node,$type) = $result->fetchrow_array) {
# Shark hack
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