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Commit e24e0d91 authored by Christopher Alfeld's avatar Christopher Alfeld

Modified to do locking and store ptop file in /tmp.

parent c43de311
......@@ -14,6 +14,19 @@ proc outs {args} {
puts $logFp $s
proc unlock {} {
global lockfile
outs "Unlocking the world!"
if {! [file exists $lockfile]} {
outs stderr "Error: World already unlocked - DB may be corrupted."
} else {
if {[catch "file delete -force $lockfile" err]} {
outs stderr "Error unlocking world ($err)"
### Bootstrapping code. The whole purpose of this is to find the
# directory containing the script.
set file [info script]
......@@ -26,6 +39,7 @@ if {$scriptdir == "."} {set scriptdir [pwd]}
set updir [file dirname $scriptdir]
set lockfile "/usr/testbed/etc/tblock"
set ns2ir "$updir/ir/ns2ir/parse.tcl"
set assign "$updir/ir/assign.tcl"
set handle_ip "$updir/ir/handle_ip.tcl"
......@@ -75,15 +89,32 @@ if {! [file exists $irFile]} {
exit 1
outs "Locking the world!"
set wait {15 30 60 600 600}
set waiti 0
while {[catch "open $lockfile {WRONLY CREAT EXCL}" lockfp]} {
if {$wait == [llength $waiti]} {
outs stderr "Giving up on locking. If no other tbprerun is running then remove $lockfile manually."
exit 1
set delay [lindex $wait $waiti]
incr waiti
outs "World is locked. Waiting $delay seconds"
after [expr $delay * 1000]
close $lockfp
outs "Determining available resources."
if {[catch "exec $avail type=pc ver extras | $ptopgen > $ptopfile 2>@ $logFp" err]} {
outs stderr "Error determining available resources. ($err)"
exit 1
outs "Allocating resources - This may take a while."
if {[catch "exec $assign $irFile $ptopfile >@ $logFp 2>@ $logFp" err]} {
outs stderr "Error allocating resources. ($err)"
outs stderr "Error allocating resources. See $logFile and assign.log for more info."
exit 1
......@@ -97,9 +128,12 @@ foreach pair $nodemap {
outs "Reserving resources."
if {[catch "exec $reserve $prefix $machines >@ $logFp 2>@ $logFp" err]} {
outs stderr "Error reserving resources. ($err)"
exit 1
outs "Allocating IP addresses."
if {[catch "exec $handle_ip $irFile $nsFile >@ $logFp 2>@ $logFp" err]} {
outs stderr "Error allocating IP addresses. ($err)"
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