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Commit e1ed5ace authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Minor Docker image bugfix: do not prepend library/ if path separators present.

This prepend-library/ hack exists to comply with the Docker Hub's naming
scheme, and how users are allowed to shorten paths.  But we don't want
to use it if there are already path separators in the path; this may
indicate the use of a user repo.
parent 1d3f6787
......@@ -2359,9 +2359,12 @@ sub GetTicketAuxAux($)
# If we end up pulling from the docker hub, we need to
# prefix the repo with 'library/', because that is how
# they do things!
# However, do exclude any image with a path separator;
# this may be a user or private repo.
if (($d_extserver eq ''
|| $d_extserver eq '')
&& $repo !~ /^library\//) {
&& $repo !~ /^library\//
&& $repo !~ /\//) {
$repo = 'library/' . $repo;
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