Commit e1af2a63 authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold
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Add an index on exptidx to testbed_stats

parent f6a006b9
......@@ -1220,7 +1220,8 @@ CREATE TABLE testbed_stats (
exitcode tinyint(3) default '0',
uid varchar(8) NOT NULL default '',
KEY rsrcidx (rsrcidx)
KEY rsrcidx (rsrcidx),
KEY exptidx (exptidx)
......@@ -998,3 +998,7 @@ last_net_act,last_cpu_act,last_ext_act);
alter table virt_node_desires drop primary key;
alter table virt_node_desires add primary key(pid,eid,vname,desire);
1.190: Add an index...
alter table testbed_stats add key (exptidx);
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