Commit e1a78581 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Another try at fixing when we run imagevalidate and when we warn

that an image needs to be released.
parent 55f20bd2
......@@ -1376,18 +1376,28 @@ my $cname = "$imagepid/$imagename";
$cname .= ":$version"
if ($doprovenance);
my $tbopsmsg = "";
if ($isglobal && ($usepath || $doprovenance)) {
# User and nonglobal images are immediately marked as "released", and
# so we must run imagevalidate on them. Global system images need to be
# explicity released, but for those we must not run imagevaildate when
# writing the image to /proj and provenance is off, since we would overwrite
# the values for the image that is actually in use in /usr/testbed/images
if ($pid ne TBOPSPID() || !$isglobal || $version || $doprovenance) {
if (system("$imagevalidate -u $cname") != 0) {
$tbopsmsg =
"DB state update for image $cname failed, try again with:\n".
" $imagevalidate -u $cname\n";
elsif ($isglobal && $pid eq TBOPSPID()) {
$tbopsmsg =
"Did not update DB state for global image $cname\n".
"since image was written to '$filename' instead of $TB/images.\n\n".
"Please run imagerelease when ready for release:\n".
" imagerelease -q $cname\n";
elsif (system("$imagevalidate -u $cname") != 0) {
$tbopsmsg =
"DB state update for image $cname failed, try again with:\n".
" $imagevalidate -u $cname\n";
if ($tbopsmsg) {
"Image DB state update failure for $cname",
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