Commit e18adc86 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Remove some debugging.

parent c67527e7
......@@ -8652,8 +8652,6 @@ sub AddToSwitchPath($$)
my ($cur, $new) = @_;
print "N: $new\n";
return $new
if (!defined($cur));
......@@ -8662,8 +8660,6 @@ sub AddToSwitchPath($$)
foreach my $n (@new) {
my ($s1,$s2) = split(":", $n);
print "$n, $s1, $s2, @cur\n";
push(@cur, $n)
if (! ((grep {$_ eq $n} @cur) ||
(grep {$_ eq "$s2:$s1"} @cur)));
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