Commit e15bac56 authored by Ryan Jackson's avatar Ryan Jackson
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Make toolchain build dependent on "flag" file

The toolchain build should be dependent on an actual file to ensure we
don't rebuilt it for every target that goes into the initramfs.
parent 4b161638
......@@ -39,11 +39,14 @@ clean:
rm -rf $(BOOT_PATH)
$(MAKE) -C $(SOURCE_PATH)/$@ all
toolchain: $(BUILDROOT_PATH)/toolchain-built
$(MAKE) -C $(SOURCE_PATH)/toolchain all
$(MAKE) -C $(SOURCE_PATH)/zlib install-sysroot
$(MAKE) -C $(SOURCE_PATH)/openssl install
$(MAKE) -C $(SOURCE_PATH)/ncurses install
touch $(BUILDROOT_PATH)/toolchain-built
$(MODULES): toolchain
$(MAKE) -C $(SOURCE_PATH)/$@ all
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